340B Architect

Simplifying 340B administration

Macro Helix makes it easier for 340B-participating covered entities and contract pharmacies to provide the best possible care for every patient. We fill the gaps that other third-party administration providers cannot by offering the most complete solution in the pharmacy industry.

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340B prescription program pharmacy providing the best possible care for every patient
340B Administration

Making healthcare more accessible and affordable

Technology to help you, help patients

Macro Helix’s 340B administration software, 340B Architect, empowers you to support healthcare equity in your community. We do this by giving you the tools to assist everyone, even the most vulnerable patients, gain access to affordable pharmacy services. Macro Helix simplifies the complexities of managing your 340B program to replenish drugs at a reduced cost. We also provide our customers with complete audit preparation and support services to help you run an effective and efficient pharmacy.

340B Architect

An administrative solution advancing pharmacies forward

Covered Entities

We help hospitals, health systems and clinics optimize their 340B programs with user-friendly software that improves financial performance, ensures regulatory compliance and increases patient access to care.

Contract Pharmacies

Our pioneering software and services help contract pharmacies navigate the operational, financial and regulatory complexities of 340B so their programs, and patients, can thrive.

Macro Helix 340B solutions help you accomplish more by doing less

Built with your mission in mind

Dispense 340B drugs in your hospital and via a retail contract pharmacy with the same platform.
Get 340B drug approvals quickly and accurately with automated NDC/CDM verification.
Integrate with any pharmaceutical wholesaler to dispense 340B-eligible drugs.
Set up perpetual inventory replenishment and split billing to optimize inventory management.
Test and qualify electronic prescriptions for 340B inside and outside your facility with 340B Written Location.
Create standard and user-defined reports to demonstrate the impact of your 340B program.

Hear what our customers say about 340B Architect

"We had a lot of quick learning to do about 340B. Having an expert like Macro Helix that could come in and educate us and then help get our program off the ground was exceptionally helpful."

Chris Jellison

Corporate Director of Pharmacy, Parkview Health

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340B Architect FAQs

In addition to our top-notch software solutions—which automate many 340B tasks while improving financial performance, efficiency and compliance—what sets us apart is our high-touch customer relationship and support. We are your expert resource and true partner, every step of the way.

Our solutions’ intelligent functionality can automate many processes. For example, you can get 340B drug approvals quickly and accurately with automated NDC/CDM verification; set up perpetual inventory replenishment and split-billing to optimize inventory management; and create standard and user-defined reports to demonstrate the impact of your 340B program.

With Macro Helix you get the best of both worlds: the agility and service of a small firm, and access to the vast resources of McKesson. Those strengths and resources help us innovate and act progressively while avoiding a lot of risk. We pass that knowledge to our clients so they can thrive in today’s ever-changing environment.

Macro Helix’s services and system are designed around user needs. Our system is designed to provide our clients of all sizes with the functionality needed to run a successful, compliant program. Macro Helix services provide all clients program assistance including system training, program result reporting, crosswalk match, accumulation auditing, program compliance and audit, orphan drug management and contract pharmacy optimization. Macro Helix understands that all 340B programs are unique, but there is one commonality – the need for a user-friendly system that reduces manual work, allowing you to handle other responsibilities and patient care.

Macro Helix works with ALL distribution partners both with EDI and ongoing personal relationships and communications. Given this, our client base is made up of large health systems, standalone hospitals and clinics that utilize all three large distribution partners. We are, however, proud to be owned by McKesson Corporation. This ownership means that Macro Helix is an extremely stable TPA in a very turbulent industry.  This stability benefits our clients who all rely upon the success of their 340B programs to provide consistent patient care to their underserved communities. We are also proud to share our parent company’s values and mission. This is what sets Macro Helix apart from other Third-Party Administrators owned by PBMs, Insurance Companies, Retail Chains or private equity firms.

Yes, please contact us. Macro Helix sets forth a fee structure package that is very straightforward and competitive. Our fee structure is a known competitive advantage to us and has led to our continued success.

Optimize your pharmacy workflow

Macro Helix’s innovative 340B solutions give you the tools to manage your pharmacy with greater flexibility while ensuring data is protected and you remain in control. As a McKesson company, we are able to unite technologies to support core distribution services and offer additional solutions to unlock new capabilities for running your pharmacy business.

340B prescription program pharmacy providing the best possible care for every patient
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