340B Architect Contract pharmacy administration

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With 340B Architect you can replenish 340B medications dispensed from your hospital and contract pharmacies using a single platform.

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Technology allows for dispensing of 340B medications in hospital or retail contract pharmacy from the same platform
Contract Pharmacy Administration

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Hundreds of health systems and standalone entities trust us to provide industry-leading solutions to improve their 340B contract pharmacy program results. Macro Helix has teams dedicated to 340B audit assistance, retail and specialty accounts, reporting and analytics, and service and support. Our 340B professionals will help you optimize your contract pharmacy network, facilitate oversight, serve as a liaison with retail pharmacy chains and work directly with your independent pharmacy partners.

Who uses contract pharmacy administration?

All 340B covered entities are able to include one or more contract pharmacies in their program. Though recent manufacturers restrictions have had a negative impact on 340B program results, contract pharmacies have still proven to be highly effective. Contract pharmacy networks allow 340B entities to service more patients in need within their community. Macro Helix provides analytical services, upon request, to determine the best matches for your clinic or hospital.

All the ways Macro Helix can help you with contract pharmacy administration


Macro Helix can work with the many specialty providers in our network to help identify the right partnerships for you.

Target lists

Let Macro Helix provide you with a list of potential opportunities to target and facilitate introductions.

Opportunity Maps

We can identify contract pharmacies in your area using a 3-digit zip code match.


Using your prescriber data and working directly with the pharmacy or chain, we can help you estimate capture rates and using the manufacturer restrictions, estimate revenue potential.

Adding more value to your contract pharmacy operations

Identify and qualify 340B prescriptions that originated from referrals from outside providers. Test and qualify 340B-eligible electronic prescriptions based on the location they were written. Significantly reduce concerns with part-time provider prescriptions.

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Contract Pharmacy Administration FAQs

Yes, Macro Helix can assist in aligning your program with the most effective pharmacies for your network based upon geographic and script count/revenue potential criteria. Macro Helix will work directly with the potential pharmacy partners to project potential 340B claims and estimated program revenue. Macro Helix can also assist with certain PSA discussions with the pharmacy on your behalf.

Yes, a 340B contract pharmacy network can be a very effective program in funding your patient care programs as well as dispensing medications to your patients who cannot afford their PBM cost share, or have no insurance. Macro Helix can analyze the potential pharmacy partners to your program and conservatively estimate results based upon each individual manufacturer set of program restrictions.

Macro Helix can walk you through the transition process and provide you with information specific to your situation so you can make informed decisions.

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