340B Gateway(SM)

An administration solution for retail pharmacies

Macro Helix 340B Gateway is a cloud-based software system that helps your retail pharmacy chain operationalize many of the common challenges of administering a 340B contract pharmacy agreement.

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retail pharmacy chain solves common challenges of administering a 340B contract
Retail Chain Management

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Making it easier to help patients in need

As a retail pharmacy chain, you aren’t eligible to run a 340B drug program. However, you can partner with a hospital-covered entity to dispense discounted medications to vulnerable patients who may not be able to afford typical prescription copays. As a critical partner to hospitals that want to continue to provide uninterrupted care, you can make a tremendous difference in the lives of patients who have little or no health insurance. Our technology suite enables you to work efficiently and effectively to accomplish your pharmacy’s role in a covered entity's 340B program.

340B Gateway

How we support retailers in managing their contract pharmacy agreement


Connect your retail pharmacy chain seamlessly to a 340B program contract pharmacy network.


Integrate 340B data into your ordering, accounting and reporting processes across all stores.


Improve cash flow by paying covered entities for inventory at time of receipt instead of dispense.


Synchronize 340B program invoicing to your retail chain’s preferred accounting period.


Integrate 340B drug inventory with your existing pharmacy workflow or central fill automation.


Engage with our dedicated team of 340B experts who are available to help you get the most out of your program.

Answering questions about 340B Gateway

Retail Chain Management FAQs

Yes, Macro Helix provides ongoing education, consultation and collaboration with our customers.

Yes, our 340B audit monitoring team will assist you with HRSA and manufacturer audits.

Yes, Macro Helix’s software developers, in partnership with our compliance team and product managers, work together to address and add ongoing enhancements to application functionality based on changes with the 340B program and customer input.



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