340B Central Split

Split billing to optimize your 340B mixed use program

We make it easier for you to handle complex 340B billing scenarios and the shipment of medications to a central location, while maintaining compliance.

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Compliantly centralize and split pharmacy orders across accounts to centralized location
Central Split

An intelligent module of 340B Architect

Improve pharmacy buyer workflow and health system cost of goods management

Macro Helix’s 340B Central SplitSM is a powerful solution for centralizing and splitting orders across 340B and non-340B purchasing accounts and covered entity-owned retail. By using this split-billing solution, you can create a positive impact in your pharmacy workflow and simplify the reimbursement process.

340B Central Split

How health systems can use the split billing module within 340B Architect

Owned outpatient pharmacies are able to capture lost 340B prescription revenue within the framework of the “one pharmacy” model of certain pharmaceutical manufacturers.

340B Central Split lets your health system take advantage of accumulations earned from your designated pharmacies to optimize your drug spend while using automation to eliminate manual ordering.

Advanced technology allows for positive workflow within pharmacy

Benefits of 340B Central Split

  • Split orders across multiple purchase accounts
  • Grow 340B savings to reinvest in community health services
  • Reduce unnecessary Wholesale Acquisition Cost spending
  • Rebalance staff assignments around patient needs

  • Maximize replenishment of earned 340B qualifications across a predefined group of covered entities
  • Receive qualification testing for each Provider ID, unless already in a parent/child set-up
  • Improve ordering operations and efficiency for buyers who oversee materials management

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We can place orders and have them shipped to a central warehouse while also allowing each individual site to continue placing their own orders.

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Answering your questions about split billing without the splitting headache

Split Billing FAQs

Yes, health systems that have central inventory sites for mixed use or owned outpatient pharmacies do need to utilize Macro Helix’s 340B Architect for split billing and/or contract pharmacy administration to access the Macro Helix 340B Central Split module.

There is no Macro Helix requirement regarding the type of central inventory. We work with several clients who house inventory in a larger owned pharmacy (mixed use or outpatient owned) for their health system’s smaller pharmacies to access.

Macro Helix was one of, if not the first company, to develop and offer a central split solution for health systems. We have several clients utilizing this module within 340B Architect today.  Our sales team is available to discuss with you and your team the several significant differentiators between the Macro Helix’s Central Split module and competitors.

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