340B RxCorrelate

340B savings by capturing referrals

This intelligent module of 340B Architect assists covered entities with identifying prescriptions that may have resulted from a referral to an outside provider.

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receive medications at a savings through 340B program
Referral Capture

Do good while growing a good business

Macro Helix customers that use 340B Architect get the added benefit of 340B RxCorrelateSM without incurring additional costs for the module. We want to help you run your 340B program with confidence and reassurance that you can refer eligible patients to outside providers and still capture savings for new prescriptions. Our innovative technology uses pharmacy data to identify these opportunities intelligently and conveniently from one software platform.

Benefits of RxCorrelate

Maximized 340B savings
Reduction in manual work
Referral prescriptions are HRSA audit ready

340B Written LocationSM and 340B MonitorSM

Simplify important and complex operational tasks

Our innovative platform provides additional opportunities to optimize how you work. 340B Written Location tests and qualifies electronic prescriptions for 340B eligibility both inside and outside your facility. 340B Monitor alerts covered entity users of possible actions needed to maintain compliance, and assists with prioritizing day-to-day tasks.

We answer your questions about capturing 340B referrals.

Referral Capture FAQs

RxCorrelate is part of 340B Architect; it's an intelligent module that helps to identify prescriptions that may have resulted from a referral to an outside provider.

Yes, but we recommend health systems consult with their legal and compliance teams.

Yes. RxCorrelate, our referral capture solution, is an intelligent module of 340B Architect.



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