340B Impact

Real-time, interactive, intelligent analytics

Optimize the management of your 340B program with 340B Impact. Realize the benefits of business intelligence analytics and better-informed supply chain decisions that allow health systems and pharmacies to achieve more.

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340B Reporting Increases Savings & Purchasing Optimization
Program Performance Analytics

340B Impact is a value-added solution

Exclusively for joint Macro Helix and McKesson customers

This powerful solution can give health systems a strategic edge. Data elements from multiple sources provide insights into your 340B program performance, while advanced analytics helps you identify specific opportunities for 340B purchasing optimization and increased savings. With 340B Impact, start making a difference in your business right away, and gain new insights to inform your long-term pharmacy strategy.

340B Impact

Features to take you further


Uses a comprehensive dataset including Macro Helix and McKesson data sources.


Gain aggregated visibility at the system level, including all hospital and pharmacy locations.


The user-friendly dashboard provides real-time, interactive, and customizable views.


Sophisticated data mining produces purchasing optimization insights.

The One McKesson Value

Putting nearly 200 years of healthcare leadership and perspective to work for you

The winning combination of Macro Helix and McKesson solutions offers additional opportunities to optimize your 340B program performance and modernize your pharmacy operations. From workflow improvements and automation, to mitigating risk, supply chain innovation and more, our solutions have you covered.

Answering your questions about Macro Helix data and analytics solution

Program Performance Analytics FAQs

Macro Helix uses your pharmacy data to generate reports.

Yes. Our software includes features that allow you to customize reports, or you can choose from standardized reports for convenience.

Contact your account representative and we’ll see if there’s a way to generate the report you need; or, we may add it to our list for possible future development.



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