340B program management

Setting-up contract pharmacies for success

Covered entities trust you to deliver care to discharged 340B program patients. Meet those expectations and more through our innovative technology suite of patient-centered solutions. Macro Helix makes it possible for you to manage your 340B program participation with ease.

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340B Contract Pharmacies

Pioneering solutions with many capabilities

340B Architect is Macro Helix’s flagship solution for 340B administration. It enables your covered entity to implement, manage and expand a contract pharmacy network with qualified retail providers. As a qualified retail pharmacy, you can use our solution tailored for contract pharmacies, 340B Gateway. Leverage intelligent modules designed to improve the way you work so you can optimize your workflow, increase profitability, maintain 340B program compliance, and create efficiencies around a variety of tasks.

340B Architect

340B Administration Software

340B Gateway

Retail Chain Management

What you can do with Macro Helix

  • Integrate with wholesalers to dispense 340B-eligible drugs.
  • Obtain drug approvals quickly and accurately with automated NDC/CDM verification.
  • Generate reports to demonstrate the impact of your participation in a covered entity’s 340B program.

  • Set up intelligent inventory replenishment and split billing.
  • Prepare for audits with a team of experts who understand the complexities of 340B programs.
  • Join our network of trusted contract retail pharmacies to expand your business opportunities.

340B Architect

With full access to your covered entity’s data, you can manage and optimize your contract pharmacy network all from a single integrated platform.

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dispense 340B medications in your hospital and via a retail contract pharmacy from the same platform

340B Central Split and 340B Order Optimizer

Covered entity-owned pharmacies can compliantly split orders across purchasing accounts so they can be shipped to a central location. Orders can be split based on your ordering preferences for price and available accumulations.

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Compliantly centralize and split pharmacy orders across accounts to centralized location

340B Impact

Advanced data and analytics capabilities to enable informed, intelligent purchasing decisions for joint McKesson and Macro Helix customers.

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Advanced data and analytics capabilities to enable informed, intelligent purchasing decisions for joint McKesson and Macro Helix customers

340B Validate

An intelligent module that supports compliance and provides validation of your 340B prescriptions that generate a rebate request—without revealing your identity or data as a covered entity. Also, set up exclusions and do not order lists.

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Manufacturer safely and securely receives validation of your prescriptions for 340B rebates

Community Prescription Assistance

A flexible, auditable program delivering 340B savings directly to the patient.

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Patient savings

340B Gateway

Retail chain 340B program management that consolidates the functions of multiple 340B processors down to one, while allowing covered entities to retain their processor of choice.

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retail pharmacy chain solves common challenges of administering a 340B contract

340B Program Audit Support

Our highly experienced Audit Support team provides your covered entity with the ongoing assistance necessary to prepare for and maintain a compliant 340B program.

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Maintain a compliant 340B program with assistance and technology of Audit Support

Answering questions for 340B contract pharmacies.

340B Contract Pharmacies FAQs

No, you must be a McKesson pharmacy management system user to use Macro Helix solutions.

340B contract pharmacies benefit from Macro Helix solutions by improving their overall operations, maintaining compliance and better serving vulnerable patients.

Yes, Macro Helix's experts can help you identify the best way to engage with covered entities and become a part of their qualified network of retail pharmacy providers.



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